Acconeer can offer several different services intended to enhance and customize the performance of our sensor or our modules. Everything from confirming performance on already designed prototypes in terms of emitted power or beam shape to designing custom lenses or reflectors for a specific use case. Contact us for a quotation by selecting a service and fill in the simple form here below.


High performance products require customized solutions. The challenges can range from integrating the sensor into a small form factor, retrofitting the sensor or customizing the sensor radiation pattern. Acconeer can help you realize your product by designing customized dielectric lenses and reflectors. They can be designed to shape and direct the radiation pattern of the sensor, creating the best possible performance in a confined space. Please note that the delivery will be a 3D CAD drawing and a printed prototype. Acconeer does not accept assignments targeting mass production.

Including but not limited to:
  • Dielectric Lenses for customized beam shapes, retrofitting or form-factor constraints.
  • Reflectors for customized beam shapes, retrofitting or form-factor constraints.
  • Lens or reflector design customized for specific radiated emitted power requirements.

Evaluation and review

It can be important and time saving to have a confirmation that your design will work in practice. Based on your 3D drawings and radome material properties, we can perform full 3D EM simulations to build confidence in the design before prototype production. This is a powerful way to avoid many iterations.  The delivery from Acconeer will be a report covering our findings and a conclusion including suggested improvments, if needed.  

Including but not limited to:
  • Evaluation/review of lens or reflector designs.
  • Evaluation/review of radome designs including material properties.


If you are interested in a confirmation of your radome design or need help with material characterization and selection, or, if you want confidence that your design is ready for various certification activities, we can help you with measurement verification. We will need your product including a detailed description of how to use it. For material characterization, preferably a flat sheet of the chosen material (minimum sheet size: 50x50x10 mm^3 ). The deliverables will be a report of our findings and a conclusion including a recommendation of improvements if needed. Please note that Acconeer is not a certified test house. Our measurements cannot be used as input into a certification process.  

Including but not limited to
  • Radome characterization: radiation pattern, gain characterization
  • Material characterization: Dielectric constant extraction
  • Customized radomes, including lens, reflectors: Radiation pattern and gain characterization
  • Confidence measurement before certification test


Add as much information as possible about what you want to achieve. Requirements, limitation, purpose etc.