SW Release Notes

Release 2.8

  • Reference application for parking: Excellent performance, tested over temperature.
  • Several updates of our integration code:
    • Renamed the output binaries: Removing sensor and board suffix for both embedded and Raspbarry HW
    • Use of libgpiod for Rpi boards: Public packages now require libgpiod2. Only available in Raspian Buster and later.
  • Improved DLL calibration: For Envelope, IQ and Power bin services.
  • Updates to the module server:
    • sensor_communication_error added for all modes
    • data_saturated and downsampling factor added for presence detection
    • Possible to setup interrupt when result is ready
  • Saturation check: More strict rules for saturation in Sparse service
  • New SW Build: Added FPU support for CORTEX_M7_IAR
  • Parallell Services expanded: Possibility to create more than four Services
  • Added Config: Expose asynchronous measurement configuration in Presence and Distance detector
  • More detailed output in Presence: Expose result_info in Presence detector
  • Boot delay: Added 10ms on XM132 and XM122

Release 2.7.2

  • MCU Support: A new Module Software Package for nRF52
  • XM132 Power consumption: We have improved the power consumption in XM132 by improving the boot sequence
  • Ethernet issue solved: Updated  overlay instructions for Raspberry Pi
  • Example apps removed: We have removed the old example applications for Tank level and Parking

Release 2.7.1

  • Improved Calibration: Problem with failed calibration when a strong refector was present at 90-120mm is solved.
  • API Update: Updated profile enum to be a true enum instead of an uint32_t typedef

Release 2.7.0

  • Increased Signal Quality in Sparse Mode B
  •  Cortex M4 SW without FPU: We created new SW for m4 MCU without Floating Point Units for both GCC and IAR. Can be delivered upon request.
  • New Public API: Used for changing log level after RSS activation.
  • Service Data Callback: Added to presence detector

Also some minor bug fixes and document updates. Both SW and Docs can be downloaded from our Developer Site.

Release 2.6.0

  • XM132 SW: SW packages for our new Entry Module
  • Keil Compiler Support: For our Cortex Mx packages. Both v5 (armcc) and v6 (armclang)
  • Bluetooth firmware example application: Now available in XM122 package.
  • Distance and Presence android example applications: Now available on github, both source and binary.
  • XC112 & Sparkfun bug fix: Now works with Linux 5.4 on raspberry pi
  • New parameter in Sparse service: (“min service memory size”) to enable use of less memory
  • Public XC111 packages are removed (as XC111 is obsolete)

Release 2.5.1

  • Service Exchange
    • Makes it possible to create multiple services for the same sensor ID.
    • Configurable, i.e the functionality must be actively configured to work.
    • The services cannot be active at the same time. 
    • The create step will not be thread safe anymore.
    • This functionality will not be available in the module server or the streaming server. 
  • M0 package can now turn off LTO (Link Time Optimization) with a linker flag 
  • Production Test for XM132: Preparation for the upcoming launch
  • IQ running sample Mode B, Removed
  • Updated signature of log function in HAL definitions. This is not backwards compatible. Updating to this version will cause compilation error unless new integration files are used.

Release 2.4

  • Distance detector: Replaces the old Detector Distance Peak. API changed to be in line with our services. Less memory consuming, improved accuracy on all distances. 
  • Proximity detection – experimental: A function that notifies the API if something is present very close to the sensor when running the obstacle detector.
  • Synchronous sensor control configuration: New parameter to control asynchronous/synchronous control of sensors.
    Synchronous mode eliminates interference when multiple sensors are used.
  • Improved RAM usage: Across all services.
  • IQ running in Sampling Mode B, deprecated
  • Distance Peak and Distance Basic Removed: Replaced by the New Distance Detector mentioned above.
  • Faster stitching: Simply faster, leading to better performance for longer distances.

Release 2.2

  • Sensor calibration optimization: The time it takes to run a calibration of the sensor have been greatly reduced. Under 20ms for our Sparse service and below 150ms for the other services. A warning to application that the calibration is no longer valid, e.g. due to temperature change has been added. Finally we have reduced the footprint (flash).
  • More output from the Presence detector: Exposing downsampling factor and hw_accelerated_average_samples and distance point vector
  • Changes in Sparse service: We have updated the sparse service to fully comply with our certificates in the datasheet.
  • A new module software package stm32l476_module_software: Enables customer to use exploration tool on their own modules that uses stm32l476. With small alterations customer will be able to use this module software on most cortex M4s.
  • Minor bug fixes

Release 2.1

  • New Power Save Mode in our Sparse service: Hibernation
  • New Get Next Function: get_next_by_reference for all services
  • Test binaries for certification added in the package.
  • Added the possibility to change the Gain setting in the Presence Detector
  • New naming of SW packages to make your selection easier and more clear. 
  • Minor bug fixes

Release 2.0

  • New Profiles for all Services
    • Max SNR and Max Depth Resolution are replace by 5 new profiles.
  • New repetition mode “On Demand”
  • Automatic Noise Level Normalization
  • More strict check of configuration parameters
  • Updated Power Mode names
  • Support for IAR compiler
    • For ARM Cortex M4 and 7, IAR Embedded Workbench 8.x
  • Single Thread Support only
  • Relaxed Limits on Range Start
  • Updates to the Module Server Protocol
  • Unified Libraries
  • Sweep Configuration renamed to Base Configuration
  • Changes to Power Bin Output
  • API Clean-up
  • Updated HAL Integration API
  • and more…

For a detailed description of the changes please go to the New in API 2.0

Release 1.10.0

  • Presence Detector. Replaces the old Motion Detector
  • XM122 support – SDK and module server, I2C support to be added
  • SW Package for Raspberry Pi and SparkFun Pulsed Radar BreakOut
  • ClockTest added in Assembly Test
  • Old Motion Detector tagged as deprecated
  • Minor Bug Fixes

Release 1.9.1

  • Assembly Test. This test will verify so that the A111 is integrated properly on pcb. (Power supply, SPI, UART etc.)
  • Diagnostics. This will create a log that can be sent to Acconeer for Debugging purposes.
  • New Sparse Configuration

Release 1.8.6

  • Allow 64 sweeps per frame in Sparse Service
  • Simplified example_detector_distance_peak
    • Improved overview of application flow
    • Application now show example of blocking mode only

Release 1.8.4

  • Removed experimental tag for sparse. The Sparse service is now targeting customer product development.
  • Change compiler for cortex m0 and cortex m4 to:
    • GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain 7-2018-q2-update June 27, 2018
  • Reduced flash footprint
    • Power bin service: 102 kB
    • Envelope service: 108 kB
    • IQ service: 134 kB
    • Sparse service: 55 kB
  • Added stitch_count to metadata
  • Minor Bugfixes

Release 1.8.3

  • New diagnostics log level
  • Early downsampling for sweep data in the obstacle detector

Release 1.8.2

  • New printf version using open source (MIT) for XM112 (will ensure better performance)
  • Rename libacconeer_a111_r2c.a to libacconeer_sensor.a
  • Important bug fixes in sensor calibration (introduced in v1.8.1)
  • New functions to configure filter bandwidth and the IQ data format
    • acc_service_iq_depth_lowpass_cutoff_ratio_get


IQ Data




  • Repetition mode in the module server (enabling stitching for XM112 in exploration tool).
    • Limitation: 3 m for IQ, 5 m with Envelope
  • Minor Bugfixes